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Welcome! I’m Justin, an author, graphic novelist, and self-publisher.  Aside from writing hundreds of comics and graphic novels for some of the most iconic publishers in the industry, I have also worked as an advocate for victims of crime, a chef, a fossil hunter and a micro-photographer specializing in prehistoric insects and plants trapped in amber. Yes, like Jurassic Park only a lot less exciting. I have given seminars and exhibitions on the cleaning, mining, and identification of prehistoric insects for both the American Museum of Natural History and the Smithsonian. I even went to Tokyo to exhibit these skills at the Japan Jewelry fair. In 2019 I was part of an Eisner Nominated and Ringo Award Winning Where We Live anthology—a riveting collection of both fictional stories and actual eye-witness accounts told by an all-star line-up of the top talent working in comics today. All the creators have graciously volunteered their time and talent to help bring some sense to this senseless act and, in the process, raise money for the survivors and their families.


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