A Survival Horror Comic Series

Over 7 billion people live on planet Earth. What if 6 billion of them suddenly and inexplicably stopped moving – like toys that ran out of batteries. What would happen if the world came to a… Standstill.

"Standstill is a highly compelling horror movie on paper. -- it’s fresh, inventive, and, well, a truly horrifying concept that Gray and his artists effectively get across to the reader. It is without a doubt something that horror fans should seek out. "

– J.C. Vaughn

The Scoop, Gemstone Publishing

"Justin Gray and company have created a sobering, scary and surreal tale about the world ending, not with a bang, but most definitely NOT with a whimper. In this day and age, this story is frighteningly plausible. Highly recommended."

-- Mark Bertolini, writer of The Argus and Bigfoot Frankenstein. 

ISSUES 1-4 are available. Black and White 26 pages



Spicy Pulp 

Spicy Pulp #5 is available in our store!

64-PAGES of adult sci-fi fantasy featuring the return of everyone's favorite foul-mouthed, time-traveling pirate - LADY REDBEARD! Since we last saw her battling shape shifters and zombie dinosaurs, Lady Redbeard and her salty crew have been unleashing legendary mayhem and have run afoul of the Emperor of space. She's also been breaking the laws of physics which lands her in a temporal prison full of crazed inmates!  This time around Lady Redbeard will be Illustrated by Rui Silviera (animator on Netflix's Super Drag) with colors by Thyago Brandao. 


A_Blackfrost_CVR copy.jpg

Arthur Blackfrost Graphic Novel

The all-ages graphic novel is available in our store!

A Dark Fantasy graphic novel about a young fisherman trying to break the curse that has plagued his family for centuries. Written by Eisner nominated and Ringo Award Winning graphic novelist, Justin Gray. This 76-PAGE, original dark fantasy graphic novel is beautifully illustrated by Laurent Reis, whose unique and vibrant style transporting you into a mysterious world of mermaids, witches, sea monsters, ghosts and so much more.


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