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Mini Series

"Justin does a magnificent job in bringing us the emotional depth that is needed to not only change Billy’s life but to engage the reader so fully in how we see the story.  Plus Barry manages to make these witches truly horrific agents of darkness and it certainly gives us a look at the beginning of the kind of evil that’s trying to infect the world."

- Reading with a Flight Ring

The Wild West has never been wilder! Introducing Billy the Kit, a five-issue monthly miniseries featuring a gunslinging rabbit seeking revenge against the Tornado God that killed his family. Why was this sickly, skinny rabbit spared such a gruesome fate? What makes him so special? With the help of Luther the Goat, a profanity-spewing martial arts master, Billy relies on faith, magical firearms, and Kung Fu to wage war against the pagan gods and monsters of a bygone era.

Published by Blue Juice Comics 

Co-created by Ringo Award-winning writer Justin Gray (Jonah Hex, Where We Live, Standstill) and artist Barry McClain Jr. (Anne Bonnie, Q-Ball), with digital paints by Slamet Mujiono (Flash Gordon, The Accelerators). Blue Juice Comics presents: Issue #1 of the darkly comedic and action-packed BILLY THE KIT.


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