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9-year-old Annabelle's life is forever changed when her brothers are murdered by a monster from under the bed. In a desperate attempt to save them she attacks the monster with the only weapon she has - her teeth. That's when things get weird. 

This new horror comic is illustrated by Rui Silveira (The Few and Cursed: Shadow Nation & Spicy Pulp Lady Redbeard)

COLOR PREVIEW COMING SOON! Our second feature MADAM BELDAM AND THE ORDER OF ZADOK STARRING H.P. LOVECRAFT is sure to entertain fans of H.P. Lovecraft and supernatural horror with a decidedly classic horror comics flair delivered by artist Miljenko Šimić with colors by Alessia Nocera.

It is 1930 and H.P. Lovecraft summons a beautiful young woman possessed by a witch and the pair embark on a perilous journey to stop an ancient space god from destroying the world! This will be a 2-part self contained 40-page story that starts in Bleeding Pulp #1 and concludes in Bleeding Pulp #2.