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With 175 gripping pages, this unforgettable journey follows Jayla Aimable, a resilient young woman grappling with prosopagnosia, as she seeks a fresh start on the isolated expanse of Gull Island, Alaska in 1991. But her plans for redemption take a terrifying turn when the ancient terror, the Keklit Mau, awakens from the shadows, leaving a trail of ruthless murders during the fishing season. As a shape-shifting supernatural entity, survival becomes an unsolvable puzzle. Yet, Jayla's affliction mutates into a potential lifesaver, allowing her to perceive the unseen. Get ready for a B-movie VHS vibe and a thrilling, entertaining ride filled with playfulness, humor, and scares. Join me on this chilling adventure where the deadliest catch isn't beneath the waves—it's walking among us!

Blur a horror novel

SKU: 0001

Imagine, if you will, a book so compact, so marvelously portable, that it could only have been designed with the modern human in mind. If you can, picture a 4.25 by 6.87 pocket-sized novel to take with you most anywhere! The beach, the pool, vacation, or on public transportation! It might be compact in size but it is bursting with story and character! 

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