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Blur: A Horror Novella

Blur: A Horror Novella

Step into the chilling mystery that awaits in the wilderness of the Last Frontier! Prepare yourself for a gripping journey in "Blur," a pulse-pounding horror novella that's as icy as Alaska's unforgiving terrain.

Our protagonist, a young woman grappling with Prosopagnosia, a condition robbing her ability to recognize faces, retreats to a remote Alaskan island, seeking solitude to rebuild her life after a devastating accident. But the sanctuary she sought will soon turn into her worst nightmare.

In the heart of this wilderness, something ancient stirs. A malevolent force is waking from its slumber, a shape-shifting monster that lurks in the shadows, twisting reality into terrifying grotesquery. And she is the only one who can truly see it.

While others see familiar faces and comforting smiles, she alone sees the horrific truth hidden behind the ever-changing facade. As the isolated community around her falls prey to this ruthless predator, her curse may become her only hope.

Can she face her fears, harness her unique ability, and fend off the sinister force that threatens not just her, but the entire island?

"Blur" plunges you into an icy cold world of fear and suspense, where the line between friend and foe blurs and survival hinges on seeing through the deception. It's a chilling reminder that sometimes, what you can't recognize can kill you.

Your seat at the edge of terror awaits. Are you brave enough to see what lurks behind the faces? Get your copy of "Blur" today and experience a horror story that will make you question everything you see. Step into the cold. Step into the fear. Step into "Blur."

MATURE READERS (Violence, Language)


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