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Hope Issue #1
  • Hope Issue #1

    The people of a remote Alaskan town are in crisis. With a failing power supply, temperatures that plunge to sub-zero levels, and a mysterious illness spreading throughout the population, they are on the brink of extinction. As if their situation wasn't dire enough, there's something else lurking just beyond the mountain tunnel that separates them from the outside world. A gritty neo-western horror comic like no other, that follows a group of determined souls as they fight to restore power, battle the elements, and confront these unknown creatures in order to survive. The events that follow will test the limits of physical, mental, and spiritual endurance.

    Neo-western, for those that are unfamiliar, is a sub-genre, consisting of modern variations of old western themes. This sub-genre often includes rebellious protagonists of the anti-hero sort, vast landscapes, and rugged scenery, and occasionally features a strong dose of violence and gun-fighting.


    26-Pages black and white mature readers. 

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