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The paperback Lady Redbeard Oversized Collection Vol. 1

PULP - Noun: Popular or sensational writing that is generally regarded as being of poor quality.  

LADY REDBEARD - Comic: 144 pages of full-color swashbuckling, time travelling, salty pirate action bursting from the pages of Spicy Pulp Comics! Including  a gallery of 17 pinups and covers.

I'm going to resist the urge to speak pirate. (Yar!) Instead, I will get right to the heart of the matter! This is the collected edition of the first two Lady Redbeard stories in a larger format, A4, 8.3 X 11.7 inches.  This is only material related to Lady Redbeard. None of the backup stories from Spicy Pulp are included in this volume. Also included are pinups and or cover images from the series. (Yar!) 

The Lady Redbeard Oversized Collection Vol. 1 is a must-read for those who enjoy mature content and escapist fantasy. It features full-color satin pages, a glossy softcover,  and a thrilling array of elements, including swearing, sexual content, nudity, and machine gods seducing robots. Plus, there's more-zombie dinosaurs, zombie astronauts, space prison riots, time travel, werespiders, the emperor of the universe, and more!

This edition collects Lady Redbeard's origin story, with art by Diego Guerra, and the Doing Time storyline, with art by Rui Silveira and Thyago Brandao. Both were originally published in Spicy Pulp comics issues 1, 2, 5, and 6. They are now available in one volume. The softcover also collects over a dozen pinups and cover images. 

Lady Redbeard Oversized Collection #1

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