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This assortment of tales, set in a fictitious future America, was penned between 2016 and 2020. Now, what fueled this peculiar concoction, you might ask? Well, it all began with me staring down the abyss of endless network news and drowning in a toxic sea of social media—a dilemma I wisely abandoned nearly three years back to save what was left of my sanity. I usually shy away from the real world, but I felt compelled to write these as a cathartic exercise of trying to find humor and irony in the insanity.

Within these six original stories, I've tackled the heavyweights: guns, racism, religion, gender politics, technology, globalism, what happens if the nanites we use in toothpaste become sentient, and much more. See, like many of us; I was perched in front of my screen, absorbing the spectacle that was unfolding—a mad symphony of politics, social upheaval, the rise of cancel culture, fake news, the pandemic, and a devastating surge in mass shootings. Like many of us, my brain started spinning like a top, pondering the absurdity of it all. That's when the question hit me: "What if everyone got exactly what they wished for?"

The answer, my friends, is that those caught betwixt two extremes are the ones who bear the brunt of the madness. With this book, you will enter the surreal vision of America, which is physically divided into three colors: red, blue, and purple. Again, this is satire, not meant for those who are sensitive to poking fun at how absurd humans can be. DISCLAIMER: This book is not for the easily offended. 

The Digital Plantation collection

SKU: 0003

Pocket-sized paperback 4.25 X 6.87 inches containing half a dozen original short stories.

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